Buyer Agent Services to Buyers

Selecting and purchasing a new home or investment is a complex process. It is important to find an Agent who will listen and respond to your desires and goals, use all available resources of the industry to locate prospective properties and tailor the purchasing process to fit your needs. Access to information and networks is crucial to efficiently search for properties which are suitable. A Buyer’s Agent has an obligation to show you the entire inventory of properties including MLS, FSBO’s (for sale by owners), bank owned properties, auctions and new construction.

Professional Buyer Agents have created a referral network of other Real Estate related experts who support Buyer representation. They include Attorneys, Mortgage Consultants, Appraisers, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, and Home Inspectors to name a few. The job of a Buyer Agent is not to “sell”, but to serve the Buyer with representation services. A Buyers Agent helps you, as a consumer, to make informed decisions!

Studies show that Professional Buyer Agents save Buyers money in terms of time and negotiating power. In addition, their up front research helps to eliminate costly mistakes. You must have a clear picture of the process, including your option of Buyer Agency, so that you can choose your preferred level of Service. On properties not listed with Wallace Realty LLC you may elect to have us represent you as your Buyer Agent, in which case we would be legally bound to work for you and not the seller. See our Client level services for Buyers.

Client Level Services for Buyers

We promise to:

  • Disclose to you the duties of Agents and your option of Buyer Agency. (See Agency Relationship Disclosure)
  • Clarify your Real Estate needs in terms of Location: Neighborhood, Area Services, Natural Features, Schools etc. and Type of Property: Style, Size and Amenities, etc.
  • Guide you through the financing process to determine whom you want to choose for a lender, what financing package is best for you and what you can afford while staying in your comfort zone.
  • Show you all relevant properties available through MLS, FSBO resources, and currently unlisted properties even if it means knocking on doors in an effort to find you just the right property. Appraisal quality analysis on targeted properties. No sales talk- client level fiduciary representation. Show Properties with critical analysis, even if it means advising not to purchase.
  • Preparation of all documents required to purchase property in Vermont which includes all State and Federally mandated forms and the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Our computer based programs allow us to email all documents for a quick turn around.
  • Presentation of offer to purchase, to Listing Agent or Seller of the property and Negotiate on your behalf to get the best price with the best terms.
  • Coordinate the process and monitor the progress from beginning to end including but, not limited to:
      1. Rapid response to your inquires
      2. Obtain complete disclosure from seller
      3. Creative structuring of offers tailored to your situation and to protect and benefit you. 100% Buyer Loyalty!
      4. Arrange and attend all inspections
      5. Expedite all closing details
      6. Arrange and attend walk through to assure compliance with contract
      7. Attend closing